Mission & Values

Our Mission

The 1870 Society gives Buckeye Nation unprecedented, exclusive access to their favorite teams, while creating the kind of earning potential and opportunities that Ohio State athletes deserve and have earned.

Our Vision

On an unrelenting pursuit to become the country's gold standard for how a collective cultivates and generates financial and social value for the community at large: businesses, the university, fans, and the student-athlete.

Empowering Ohio State athletes. Engaging Buckeye Nation. Elevating Community.

Our Values

Integrity over everything
Without fail, we do what we say we’re going to do. Our actions and behavior reflect honesty, transparency, and a commitment to ethics. Because of this, we aren’t just building trust with OSU fans and athletes–we’re changing the face of the entire NIL industry.

Winners are team players
The 1870 Society brings OSU fans, businesses, and athletes together in a spirit of collaboration, mutual support, and a shared sense of purpose. Our success is defined by our ability to align behind a shared vision, to value the contributions of others, and to work together toward our common goals.

Everyone belongs
Buckeye fans and athletes come from all kinds of backgrounds–and it’s this diversity that makes our team so strong. That’s why we’re building a culture of compassion and connection where everyone is not only welcome, but celebrated for their unique differences.