Welcome to The 1870 Society!

Welcome to The 1870 Society!

April 11, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce you to The 1870 Society, the first for-profit collective established to support Ohio State student-athletes navigating the new world of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities. The Society is named after the founding year of The Ohio State University, highlighting our dedication to upholding the traditions and values that make Ohio State a world-class institution.

Our mission is simple: to give Buckeye Nation unprecedented, exclusive access to their favorite teams while creating the kind of earning potential and opportunities that Ohio State athletes deserve and have earned.

The organization was founded by a group of passionate and experienced operators with expertise in areas such as branding, social media, operations, data science, sales, and finance. And we are Buckeye fans who recognize that Ohio State is facing a critical challenge: while college athletes now have their NIL rights, the community has not yet fully capitalized on this opportunity.

Joining me on our leadership team is Drew Esler, who will serve as Vice President of Operations, and Tyvis Powell, our Director of Player Engagement.

We believe that the current non-profit initiatives have limitations in scale and scope, not due to the intentions or efforts of those running them but rather because of their legal, tax, and operational structures. Therefore, a for-profit presence is needed to accelerate our community's pursuit of opportunity and excellence, benefiting fans, businesses, and student-athletes.

If you’re a business, join us. Let us help tell your story with meaningful partnerships. If you’re a fan, we invite you to join our team to earn exclusive perks and rewards while helping us raise the bar for this incredible university and its athletes.

It’s time to meet the moment.

Go Bucks!

Todd Markiewicz
The 1870 Society

Empowering Ohio State athletes. Engaging Buckeye Nation. Elevating Community.