Business Memberships

Unlock exclusive perks and promotional opportunities through a business membership to The 1870 Society.
Scarlet (Business)
→ Access to exclusive member content, including the Ryan Day Podcast → Brand recognition on The 1870 Society website and social media channels → Social media endorsement from a prominent athlete
Gray (Business)
→ Everything in Scarlet + → Football autographed by the freshman class → Digital assets for business promotion featuring a prominent athlete
Brutus (Business)
→ Everything in Gray + → Logo placement at The 1870 Society Team events → Two (2) billboard advertisements on the front page of Eleven Warriors
→ Everything in Brutus + → Access for two (2) to a football spring practice → Two (2) native editorial advertisements on Eleven Warriors → Professionally produced radio/podcast spot featuring prominent athlete
→ Everything in Varsity O + → Pre-game field access for two (2) to one (1) Ohio State football game → Prominent athlete on-site to your business for one (1) promotional or employee event
→ Everything in Victory Bell + → Tickets for four (4) to an 1870 Society postseason event → Guided tour of the WHAC, featuring lunch, for up to four (4) → Professionally produced TV spot featuring prominent athlete
Gold Pants (Business)
→ Everything in Senior Tackle + → Access for two (2) to participate in the pre-game team walk to the stadium → Two (2) professionally produced TV spots featuring prominent athlete(s)
→ Everything in Gold Pants + → Access two (2) to attend a "Heisman Lunch" featuring Ohio State Heisman Trophy winners → Access for two (2) to attend a Friday night team meal at the OSU Golf Course